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We established the company in 2007 and it incorporates our three small family run Boutique Hotels.

Toravaig Hotel

Toravaig Hotel

Winner of Scottish Island Hotel of the year many times.


Duisdale Hotel

Duisdale Hotel

4 star country house hotel in Sleat on the Isle of Skye.


Skye Weddings

Skye Weddings

Wedding packages & planning services on the Isle of Skye.


Captain's Folly

Captain Folly

Luxury self catering apartment accommodation in Oban.


Autumn and the onset of winter are a very popular season for photography here on the Isle of Skye. Our visitors like to take pictures around the island at any time of the year, but it is during those quiet months when the real professionals tend to come, looking for clear sky, less busy popular photo spots, dramatic weather and light.

Real professionals looking for clear sky, dramatic weather and light

Our hotel is varied from its grounds including the 145-year-old building, golf course, river and the loch. The opportunities for photographs are countless. Come and join us to see 5 of the most photographed spots here at Skeabost Hotel.


1. Pier View

If you are keen on sunrise and sunset photography then there is not better spot than the view from our pier. The sky doesn’t get any more dramatic and the loch can provide an amazing mirror effect especially if you are up for some slow exposure creations. Check out the golden hour times (Here), set your tripod on one of the tees (No. 8 works great) and just wait for it. You will not be disappointed.



2. Tee no. 1 View

Several photographers look for the best spots to photograph the hotel and they always return to the same spot. It’s not far from Tee no.1 and it’s almost next to the golf course welcome sign. Maybe it’s something to do with the nearby bushes, providing great foreground, or the fact that you can easily fit the entire building in the picture from there, but if you want to take a picture of our hotel home with you, we would suggest this view.

No1 1

No1 2

3. River Snizort View

The River Snizort is well known around the island as being one of the best salmon rivers on Skye. The nature of the river is just as wild as you can imagine and it attracts wildlife and visitors every day. There are several spots along the river where you can get amazing pictures, but it’s the one closest to the hotel we prefer. Great large rocks for tripods and easy access to any level of the water makes it an amazing spot for slow exposure photos.



4. St. Columba’s Island

We have mentioned St. Columba’s island in our last blog post (Read more) and it would be a shame not to mention the amazing photo opportunity there. Great access to the river and dramatic views always brings us back to see this amazing place. Try to time the visit during the golden hour and you will be rewarded by a beautiful dramatic sky and mysterious looking shadows.


5. Golf Course

One would think that the golf course would be something you would give a miss, however looking at the picture below it is one of the best photo spots around the hotel. Our visitors enjoy their game of golf and share pictures of their games, selfies and beautiful landscape surrounding the course.


6. Bonus HotSpot – “The Old Skeabost Road”

Now, this photo spot is much more known between the wedding photographers here on the island. The old road is well hidden in the trees running in front of the hotel and it’s only used as a walking path now. There is easy access to the road through the bushes, next to one of the “pools” on the right side of the hotel. The surface is still visible, but the way is narrowed by birches. If you choose a sunny day you will be rewarded by the amazing light effect as the sun tries to get through the tree cover. The shadows, the light and the leftovers of the road create an amazing atmosphere and work great for black & white photography.



 Jakub Bors - Group Operations & PR Manager - 18/11/2016

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